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Usb super driver apple

Usb super driver apple

На компьютерах Mac больше нет встроенных дисководов DVD и CD-RW, но для пользователей Mac, которым все еще необходимо использовать оптические диски, Apple SuperDrive предлагает внешнее универсальное USB-решение, которое может читать и записывать как компакт-диски, так и DVD-диски. для этого нужно подключить его к USB-порту на Mac, и Mac OS обнаружит SuperDrive. Но это Mac OS, а не Windows, и многие пользователи Mac также используют Windows PC или операционные системы Windows, так что было бы неплохо использовать Apple SuperDrive в Windows?

Но SuperDrive не всегда работает с ПК с Windows сразу, и иногда Apple SuperDrive либо не работает должным образом, не принимает диск, либо не распознается должным образом в Windows, независимо от того, работает ли он на ПК или Mac. через Boot Camp или виртуальную машину.

Независимо от сценария, если вы пытаетесь использовать Apple SuperDrive с Windows и он не работает должным образом, попробуйте выполнить приведенные ниже шаги, чтобы заставить SuperDrive функционировать в Windows.

Ways to Use Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10:

Here are some of the steps below outline installing Apple SuperDrive drivers for Windows. Also, the SuperDrive will function as expected:

  • You have to Boot into Windows and also get on the Windows PC. Then you have to try to use the SuperDrive if you have not done so already.
  • Now, you have to Go to the Apple Support Downloads site. You can also locate the latest version of “Boot Camp Support Software” (5.1.5722 or newer).
  • After that, you can also download the Boot Camp Support Software. So, that the zip file and unzip store it on the computer.
  • Now, From the unzipped “Bootcamp5” folder. You have to navigate the BootcampDriversApple. Also, locate the “AppleODDInstaller64.exe” path.

Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10

  • Then Run the AppleODDInstaller64.exe executable file. So, that you can install the appropriate drivers for Apple SuperDrive in Windows.

So, these steps are also intended to form taken from Windows. Although, if you could download the Boot Camp Support Software on a Mac. So, that this can also transfer the zip file to Windows through USB, networking. By using this method of choice if need this then or you could just extract the “BootcampDriversApple AppleODDInstaller64.exe”. You have to note it that will be labeled “AppleODDInstaller.exe”. In this case, if it is a 32-bit version file on a Mac and transfer that .exe installer to Windows. Then this must be in Windows to run and install the actual Bootcamp Drivers for SuperDrive, however.


So, that this should also work to get an Apple SuperDrive working on any modern Windows version. It also includes Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You have to note that if you are on a notably older Windows release. Then you want to download an earlier version of Boot Camp drivers that contains the 32-bit exe. So, that the 64-bit exe, and otherwise, it should work the same as well.

When the drivers are installed properly in Windows, then the Apple SuperDrive should accept discs, read, write, and eject them as expected. Now, you just like it and this is on the Mac. In this case, you could also just get a different external DVD-RW / CDRW drive too at less cost. So, that there are many other solutions either work immediately with plug-and-play in Windows and Mac OS. Also, the SuperDrive situation is very helpful if you already have one from a Mac. Then you also want to stay consistent with Apple hardware. So, Why you buy new hardware when you have something that already works, right? Also, the same logic applies to use a Windows keyboard on a Mac. Many other common peripherals are compatible with both a Mac and PC. This is even if they require some minor tinkering to get working as intended.

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So, that this will also offer external all-in-one USB solutions. This can also read and write both CDs and DVDs. Now, all you have to do is to plug it into a USB port on the Mac and Mac OS. This will also detect the SuperDrive. Then the Mac OS is not in Windows and many Mac users. They also use the Windows PC or Windows operating systems.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue. If You have any questions let us know in the comments below.


I have a SuperDrive that works fine on my MacBook Air in both OS X and in Win10 via BootCamp but won’t accept any disk when used on Windows-based PCs. I can get it to eject a DVD but not to accept (pull in) on the Windows-based machines, any ideas?

Hey Bradley. Were you able to follow the instructions in the post to install the necessary driver on your Windows-based PCs? I believe that I had the same experience before installing that driver, but once the driver was installed, the drive would function as usual. Let us know if you have any further questions.

I did all that yet my driver still won’t except a DVD

Could you leave a link to Dropbox with the .exe file for those needing it? Would be tons of help to your users!!

Hi Brad. I followed all your steps above, but my superdrive still won’t accept any disks on my windows pc. Any ideas? I’m using Windows 7 enterprise, 64bit, if that matters.

Works perfectly if the instructions provided above are followed precisely. The only issue is finding the right BootCamp package – there’s no indication that I found anywhere on the Apple site that says “Current Version” or anything like that.

So – any idea of the correct package to download for a Windows 8 X64 bit PC? I went through all the download steps for the bootcamp zip file and was told my PC wouldn’t accept the driver.

First off… I really appreciate the info. I’m running Win 10 with a SuperDrive that’s about 5 years old. The latest version of BootCamp I found was “Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5722.” There indeed a file named AppleODDInstaller64.exe in the zip. I extracted the whole zip to a temp folder, ran the .exe and voila the drive worked fine. To Amy, I would suggest d/ling the file I listed and following the instructions above precisely.

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Thanks! It worked perfect!

Amazing! Your instructions were so clear that I was able to follow them and make this thing work! Thank you so much!

Running Win10, did all the above and it works with one exception. I cannot eject the disc. Any suggestions?

Did you install the driver for the disc drive?

THank you very much! it worked perfectly on windows 10!!

If one is wanting to use the Super Drive on both types of machines (currently using it on Mac), do you have to do any magic to make it work again in the iOS device after once having used it in a PC, or will it be able to be used in both machines with no problems after the initial PC set-up?

It will be able to be used with the Mac again after the PC, with no additional set up required.

it has now taken the disk while plugged into my computer but I wasn’t able to read disks I was putting in or in other words, it has not started playing anything… I actually tried installing QuickTime player for windows but that didn’t solve anything! HELP!

Thank you so much. I’ve been trying for a year to get my girlfriend’s SuperDrive to properly function on my Windows10 laptop that does not have a built in disc drive. This method worked great for me. Just followed the instructions. I downloaded Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5722 from the provided link, unzipped the file, ran the AppleODDInstaller64.exe application in the drivers folder, and now it works like a charm. Time to burn some discs.

I so appreciate this helpful article. However, I have tried for about 2 hours, and cannot get it to work!

I have a Lenovo Yoga 910 computer, running Windows 10 64-bit. I have downloaded the most recent Bootcamp from Apple Support (version 5.1.5769), and just to be certain, extracted all files from the download to my local drive. Half of my attempts were with the Apple Superdrive alreday connected (which means Windows recognises a new DVD/CD-ROM type device and installs some sort of basic driver) ; half of my attempts were with the Apple Superdrive not connected (and totally de-installed, ie having deleted the Windows driver it will otherwise automatically add when it sees a new USB plugin). None of this works. Looking under Control Panel / Device Manager / DVD/CD-Rom drives I see the driver installed is signed by Microsoft, version 10.0.15063.0. There is no mention there and no possibility of checking whether the Apple Driver did install.

How did other users of this neat article verify the driver was installed, if not there? And did anyone else strike this problem, or might it come with the most recent Windows 10 updates?!… I’d love any suggestions or help!

I also had trouble getting the 5.1.5722 version to work. Apple doesn’t have any that say they support Windows 10. I downloaded version 5.1.5769, unplugged the device, and installed per the directions above. And it’s working! thanks!

This worked perfectly! Thank you so much!!

This made it work for me; unzipped the file, ran the AppleODDInstaller64.exe application in the drivers folder, this last part is important; ran the AppleODDInstaller64.exe application. There are a couple of applications down in a row, but find the ODDInstaller.

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Another success (October 2017, Windows 10 on Dell 2-in-1):
– Started at
– Downloaded Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5769.
– In downloaded zip file navigated to BootcampDriversApple
– In that folder found and extracted AppleODDInstaller64.exe
– Ran it

Wonderful instruction! Worked perfectly and quickly.
Thank you for sharing this!

thank work and very easy

Another success (December 2017, Windows 10 on Acer TravelMate B):
– Started at
– Downloaded Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5769.
– In downloaded zip file navigated to BootcampDriversApple
– In that folder found and extracted AppleODDInstaller64.exe
– Ran it

This worked well for me. Thanks for posting it.

Worked like a charm on my new Dell XPS 15. Thank You!!

I followed your instruction and downloaded Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5769 and it worked perfectly. JPlaying CD in Windows Media Play, but just can’t figure out how to eject the disk. Any help?

If you go to This PC and right click on the drive, you should see an option to eject it. Hopefully that will work.

It works! Followed your guide and now the super drive works on my Win 10 PC. It was kind of hard to find the drivers on Apple’s website, but I ended up using “Download Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5769”. Cheers!

I am trying to use my Mac-Air Superdrive with an older Sony VAIO laptop running Windows XP Professional Version 2002. When I try to install the AppleODDInstaller64.exe file, I get the error: “DPInst.exe is not a valid Win32 application”. Any ideas how to work around it?

The listed software is intended for 61 bits Windows. Per the error you are running Windows XP 32 bits, thus the software is incompatible.

Should read: “64 bits Windows”

Thank you! I followed your instructions and it worked! This is very much appreciated. Cheers!

Thanks for the advice. Everything worked as your instructions described.

I found that when I tried running the ODD driver .exe without the Superdrive connected, it wasn’t recognised when I plugged it in. However with it plugged in I then re-ran the .exe and it worked perfectly.

Took a few attempts to get it right, but when I followed your directions exactly (load the ODD driver only; don’t try to load the entire set of BootCamp on your Windows Laptop/PC), I succeeded in getting my Apple SuperDrive (circa 2014) to work like a champ with my new Acer Nitro 5 (Windows 10). Thanks for the excellent info, and BTW, Apple Support answer was “it doesn’t work that way.” Wrong!

I followed the instructions in the post and installed the ODD driver on my Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 1803 and suddenly the ODD model A1379 works perfectly. Many thanks for the post it really helped me out. The original problem was as described in the initial question i.e. the ODD appeared to be recognised by the PC but the disks wouldn’t go in and when I ran diagnostics it just said the device might not be USB 3 compatible and to use a USB 2 port. Unfortunately Surface book 2 doesn’t have USB2!

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Thank you so much! Works perfectly!! Must follow directions…flawless without a glitch! I downloaded Bootcamp from Apple Support (version 5.1.5769) for my 2018 HP Omen with Windows 10 installed. Not an issue or problem –follow the few outlined steps and you’ll be happy!! Like me. Thanks again!!

More drivers for Apple usb superdrive driver

Apple Music Speciality level out of ten: 1. Download that latest Boot Camp drivers from Apple.

apple superdrive windows 10 driver download

After successfully installing this driver, you should be able to use the SuperDrive as you normally would. View answer in context. Loading page content. User profile for user: Christian Stueben Christian Stueben.

Windows 10 не подключается к точке доступа iPhone – что делать?

iPhone не так хорошо интегрирован с Windows, как с macOS. На ПК с Windows нет функций AirDrop, Hand-off и моментального подключения к точке доступа iPhone. Вам нужно вручную подключаться к точке доступа, что не так просто. Часто компьютеры с Windows 10 не подключаются или вообще не видят точку доступа iPhone. Ниже мы расскажем, как можно решить эту проблему.


Причины могут быть разные. Возможно, дело в iPhone, а может наоборот в компьютере. Ниже читайте обо всех возможные решениях данной проблемы.

1. Перезагрузите iPhone и компьютер

Звучит банально, но иногда даже это помогает решить проблему. Перезагрузите свой компьютер с Windows 10.


После этого перезагрузите свой iPhone. Нужно просто выключить и включить его.

Теперь попробуйте ещё раз подключить компьютер к точке доступа iPhone.

2. Забудьте Wi-Fi сеть и подключитесь заново

Этот способ помогает решить многие проблемы и с обычным Wi-Fi. Зайдите в меню Wi-Fi на компьютере и забудьте сеть точки доступа iPhone. Измените точку доступа, созданную вашим iPhone, а затем попробуйте подключиться заново.

3. Измените пароль Wi-Fi на iPhone

  • Зайдите в приложение Настройки на iPhone.
  • Выберите секцию Режим модема.
  • Нажмите ПарольWiFi и поменяйте его на новый.


  • Откройте меню WiFi на ПК с Windows.
  • Подключитесь к точке доступа iPhone, используя новый пароль.

4. Обновите версии Windows и iOS

Возможно, проблема в устаревшей версии iOS или Windows.

На iPhone зайдите в Настройки > Основные > Обновление ПО и установите обновление, если оно доступно.

На ПК с Windows тоже проверьте, доступно ли обновление. Если да, установите его.


После обновления попробуйте подключиться к точке доступа ещё раз.

5. Проведите диагностику сети

В Windows есть полезный инструмент диагностики сети и не только. Можно попробовать запустить диагностику сети на компьютере.

  • Откройте Панель управления на ПК с Windows.
  • Выберите секцию Сеть и интернет > Подключение к сети.
  • Выберите точку доступа своего iPhone и нажмите на неё правой кнопкой мыши.


  • Выберите пункт «Диагностика».

Возможно, система сама сможет решить проблему.

6. Обновите драйверы Windows

Если драйверы в Windows 10 устарели, это тоже может быть причиной проблемы. Нужно их обновить.

  • через поиск откройте Диспетчер устройств.
  • Расширьте меню Сетевые адаптеры.


  • Найдите пункт Intel Dual Band Wireless. Нажмите на него правой кнопкой мыши.
  • Выберите Обновитьдрайверы.

Перезагрузите компьютер после завершения обновления и попробуйте подключиться ещё раз.

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7. Устранение неполадок Windows

  • На компьютере с Windows откройте меню Обновления и безопасность.
  • Выберите меню Устранение неполадок.


8. Сброс настроек сети на iPhone и Windows

  • Откройте приложение Настройки на iPhone.
  • Зайдите в Основные > Сброс.
  • Нажмите Сбросить настройки сети и подтвердите действие.


На компьютере с Windows тоже можно сбросить настройки сети. Опцию можно найти прямо через поиск по системе.


9. Измените название iPhone

Многих удивит, что устройства с Windows не подключаются к устройствам, в названии которых есть определённые символы. Вы можете изменить название своего iPhone и попробовать подключиться ещё раз.

Откройте приложение Настройки на iPhone, выберите Основные > Об этом устройстве. Выберите текущее название смартфона и поменяйте его на новое без символов.


10. Подключите iPhone через USB

Если проблема всё ещё есть, то можете попробовать альтернативный способ.

Вы можете подключить iPhone к компьютеру с Windows с помощью кабеля. После этого откройте программу iTunes для Windows.

Нажмите значок устройства в верхнем левом углу и дайте компьютеру автоматически подключиться к точке доступа iPhone. Вы увидите синий индикатор активного подключения к точке доступа iPhone.

11. Отключите режим экономии данных

Режим экономии данных создан для того, чтобы экономить трафик сотовой сети. Когда он включен, не работают автоматические обновления и фоновые задачи.

Можете отключить этот режим через настройки сотовой связи и попробовать подключиться к точке доступа ещё раз.

Если ваш компьютер с Windows не подключается к точке доступа iPhone, это может очень сильно замедлить вашу работу. Надеемся, у вас всё же получится решить проблему.

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Piece of Scat! I probably should have known better than to buy this product about a year ago, after reading the substantial number of really bad reviews.. More (Read full review) • Written by danniel G from Henderson • Jun 4, 2016 1181 of 1217 people found this useful.. Download the latest version of Apple SuperDrive USB Device drivers according to your computer’s operating system.. If anyone knows of a reliable drive, from another company, please post here More (Read full review) • Written by Steve C from SEATTLE • Apr 24, 2016 1466 of 1516 people found this useful.

Mac mini M1 misbehaves in certain scenarios: Without a monitor connected directly to the mini’s Thunderbolt port, throughput to external devices via Thunderbolt is limited—just as you describe it.
I’ve read about this problem on OWC’s blog: The Rocket Yard.

I have a Mac Mini M1, owc thunderbolt enclosure and SSD. I use HDMI for video. If my oldest 4k BenQ EL2870U (28″, 3840 x 2160 Pixels) is connected, disk speed is 1.8gb/s. If I connect a newer Samsung U32R594CWR (32″, 4K UHD) , speed is around 3.5gb/s
still a mystery to me of why that happens …

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