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Блок питания для ПК CHIEFTEC Smart 600W (GPS-600A8) RETAIL

Назначениедля домашних и офисных ПК
Гарантия, мес.24
MTBF (среднее время безотказной работы), час100000
Страна производительКитай
Мощность, Вт600
КПД, %85
Стандарт ATX 12В v.2,3
ТехнологииOCP (защита от сверхтоков), OPP (Защита от перегрузки), OTP (защита от перегрева)
Защита от коротких замыканий (SCP)Есть
Защита от повышения напряжения (OVP)Есть
Защита от понижения напряжения (UVP)Есть
Защита от скачков тока и напряжения (SIP)Нет
Защита от перегрузки (OPP)Есть
ДополнительноCB, CE, TUV
Тип PFCАктивная
Параметры входного напряжения / тока, V / A230V / 4,5A
Выход питания для монитораНет
Выходной ток (+3.3V), А20
Выходной ток (+5V), А20
Выходной ток (+12V1), А46
Выходной ток (+12V2), АN/A
Выходной ток (+12V3), АN/A
Выходной ток (+12V4), АN/A
Выходной ток (-12V), А0,3
Выходной ток (+5Vsb), А2,5
Мощность по каналам (+3,3V и +5V), Вт120
Мощность по каналам, суммарно по (+12V1, 12V2, . ), Вт552
Мощность по каналам (-12V), Вт3,6
Мощность по каналам (+5Vsb), Вт12,5
Модульное подключение кабелейБезмодульное
Разъемы питания материнской платы, шт20+4 pin
Разъемы питания процессора (8 pin, 4+4 pin или 4 pin, 12V), шт1 x 4+4 pin
Разъемы питания видеокарт (PCI-E 8 pin или 6+2 pin), шт2 x 6+2 pin
Разъемы питания видеокарт (PCI-E 6 pin или 4+2 pin), штНет
Разъемы питания SATA (15 pin), шт4
Разъемы питания Molex (IDE 4pin), шт2
Разъемы питания FDD (Floppy 4pin), шт1
Диаметр вен-ра, мм120 x 120
Регулировка оборотов вентилятораAFC (Автоматический контроль скорости вентилятора)
Специальный коннектор Fan-M (Fan Monitor Function)Нет
Цвет корпусаЧерный
Цвет (основной)Черный
Габариты (ВхШхГ), мм86 x 140 x 150
Общая ширина изделия (W), мм140
Общая длина изделия (L), мм150
Общая высота изделия (H), мм86
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Модель GPS-600A8 относится к новой серии SMART, что предлагает пользователям хорошую производительность наряду с высоким качеством. Блок питания окрашен в чёрный цвет и оснащён длинными «родными» проводами и шнуром питания, а также упакован в твёрдый картон для лучшей защиты. С КПД более 80%, модель GPS-600A8 соответствует экологическим требованиям, имея привлекательную цену.


  • UVP (Защита от понижения напряжения в сети)
  • OVP (Защита от повышения напряжения в сети)
  • SCP (Защита от короткого замыкания)
  • OPP (Защита от перегрузки)
  • AFC (Автоматический контроль скорости вентилятора)
  • MTBF (Среднее время безотказной работы): >80.000 часов

Budget Gaming PC Build 2021

If everything is clear with top-end assemblies, then with budget ones it is still much more complicated. The game build should provide the ability to play comfortably. Let’s conditionally divide this segment into 2. Of course, assemblies based on AMD and Intel will be configured.

Ryzen 3 3300X or Core i3-10100F based

AMD Ryzen 3 3300X with
Wraith Stealth Boxed Cooler
Intel Core i3-10100F bundled with
Foxconn E97379-003 cooler
The model turned out to be really successful. It was immediately compared to the Intel Core i7-7700K. And the performance of the state employee is on the same level. Even the Ryzen 5 3500X processor looks more confident in modern games …This is a direct competitor to the Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X, only cheaper. Perhaps due to a lower quality boxed cooler. The Intel Core i3-10300 looks more attractive, but also more expensive. Although both bypass the Core i5-9400F.
Cores & Threads: 4 & 8
Base & Turbo Frequencies: 3.8 & 4.3 GHz
Memory & L3 Cache: DDR4 & 3200 MHz / 16 MB
TDP & Crit. temperature: 65 W & 95 ° C
Architecture & Process technology: Zen 2 & 7 nm
4 & 8
3.6 & 4.3GHz
DDR4 & 2666MHz / 6MB
65W & 100 ° C
Comet Lake & 14nm
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Important! Whatever one may say, you won’t go far with a boxed cooler. You can take a closer look at the Deepcool Gammaxx 400K or Vinga CL3007R. A few heatpipes will drastically change the situation. Actually, inexpensive and cheerful, I do not think that better cooling will not hurt.

MSI B450-A PRO MAXASRock B460 Steel Legend
This is the minimum that can be recommended. The MAX series supports Ryzen 3000 processors out of the box. Depending on the price, you might want to look at the MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX. Now they are in the same price segment.The motherboard can handle not only Intel Core i3-10100F, but also more powerful processors. The price of the processor is slightly lower than the competitor, but you won’t be able to save money here. It’s a great choice, as is the ASRock B460M Steel Legend.

With RAM, everything is really very simple. We purchase 2 strips of 8 GB each so that the memory works in dual-channel mode. For a budget assembly, a frequency from 2666 – 3600 MHz will suffice. The golden mean Kingston FURY 16GB DDR4 3000 MHz Fury Black .

The drive will be responsible for the budget Samsung 860 EVO 2.5 500 GB or the Samsung 980 500 GB NVMe drive . Even my Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB came out a little more expensive (at least for a promotion). You can save up to $ 25 here, but you can’t do without an SSD …

I always recommend taking the power supply with a small margin. Let’s focus on the Chieftec Polaris 650W . This is a quality block with 80 PLUS Gold certification. It is good that now offers with an efficiency of 90% have become available to everyone. Although even this power supply will be with a small margin.

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As a gaming case, I recommend taking a model with dust filters and a large space. For example, GameMax StarLight B-White , which is often used not only in budget assemblies. 4 fans are already preinstalled in it, for good blowing of components.

With video cards, especially now, everything is as incomprehensible as possible. At least for a gaming build, I recommend the Asus ROG Strix RX 580 8GB or GTX 1060 6GB . This card is enough for 1080p gaming. Alternatively, the Radeon R9 390X or the GTX 980 can be purchased. Many users play with the GTX 1050 Ti and RX 570.

Assembly based on Ryzen 5 3600 and Core i5-10400F

My build background . Previously, I chose a processor between Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 3500X and Ryzen 5 3600. In games, plus or minus, they showed equal performance. Real testing has shown that the Ryzen 5 3600 will be able to bring out a more powerful graphics card …

MotherboardMSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX
Didn’t overpay for the Tomahawk because the power is the same.
MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk
This board is a little more expensive, and the processor for it is cheaper than the competitor.
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 3600
This processor performs better with new graphics cards. Worth the money.
Intel Core i5-10400F
Came out after the “popular” AMD, but became its complete alternative.
CoolingEnermax ETS-T50 AX (without RGB backlight)
It has been included in the list of the best coolers many times. Now a new model has come out, well, we will not overpay.
OperativeKingston FURY 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000 MHz Black
You can overpay and take at least 3600 MHz memory. In practice, in principle, the difference is small.
Storage deviceSamsung 980 500 GB (for the system and several games) Ireplaced my Samsung 970 EVO 500 GB SSD with a new one. Slightly increased speeds for the same money.
Power SupplyChieftec Polaris 750W
Of course, I offer a quality unit for good money. In principle, it will be possible to purchase a more powerful video card.
Video cardAsus ROG Strix RX 580 8 GB or GTX 1060 6 GB
In games, the number of frames per second will be the same as in the previous budget one. The difference can only be noticed with more powerful video cards.
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I think my build fits into budget PC builds for gaming. But there is one small but … There is a good foundation for the future. Here you can put a Radeon RX 6800 XT or GeForce RTX 3080. And the most interesting thing is that the central processor will not slow down the system.

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